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Teach freight transportation's thought leaders something new, and you'll be remembered.

Use Our Proven 5-step Program:

Ensure that you're seen in the pages of Transport Topics.
Your content and your thought leaders get the spotlight in this full tabloid page, four-color ad announcing the Webinar. Designed to make an impact with freight transportation's most-influential audience (88% are decision-makers, after all), this ad will showcase your event and drive registration while keeping your brand top-of-mind.  Your company¹s name, logo and description will appear large and in full color in the three issues leading up to the event. Transport Topics reaches more than 100,000 readers each week.
Boost your response with a strategic email push.
Your event gets some extra push thanks to our email outreach.  First, your event receives special attention when its announcement arrives in more than 80,000 influential inboxes.  The template not only showcases your presenters as thought leaders; it is also mobile-friendly. So, your profile and the link to your event's registration can be readily consumed. Then, to double the effect, your event receives a premium position in our popular TT Express e-newsletter. Every day for one full week, 25,000 daily subscribers get to see what you'll be talking about.
Start the countdown in a very noticeable space.  The most premium space on our homepage -- the space right beside our flag -- is yours! When your webinar countdown is on, we place a button promoting the event in this most valuable real estate. The button runs for three weeks prior to the event.
Place your content where people will find it.
We think that your webinar has an immense amount of value, so we treat it like our own content. Webinars have their own place on the menu -- right alongside our suite own suite of multimedia programming. The location makes the program easy-to-find and gives visitors  the opportunity to click and view your program simply.  The event page spotlights your program details and your brand. And, when the event is completed, allows our visitors to replay your event again and again.
Make it shareable and replayable.
You'll want to share your hard work and clever thoughts with everyone. So, we provide you with a transcript of your program for up to a year after your event.





Be a Thought Leader

Host a sixty-minute online discussion focused entirely on your company's product or service. You select the topic; you supply the experts to answer industry questions. We'll take care of the rest.

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What They Say About Transport Topics Webinars

"Great program. I would like to see more like this as other topics come along." 
Mark Clayton, Senior Project Leader, DTNA - Engineering Platform Management, Daimler Trucks North America

"Thank you. Very informative."

John E. Dahl, General Manager, Ramp Transportation Co., Inc.

"Good Stuff."
Randy Betten, Fleet Sales Manager, Wallace International Trucks


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Highly-qualified Audience
  • 42% of attendees are C-level executives
  • An additional 35% of attendees are supervisors or managers
  • Average attendance length: 47 minutes out of 60.


Really Great Lead Generation
  • 68% of attendees extend permission to the sponsoring company to email information on its product or service.


Amazing Attendance
  • 63% of pre-registrants attend the meetings
  • Pre-registration totals average 224
  • Event-day attendance reaches 140 (Individual attendee figures are higher due to multiple attendees on conference lines.)


It's the kind of program you can't ignore...

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