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We offer an editorial program designed around constantly changing regulatory and business environments: 52 weeks of fresh material and new insight through our flagship publication, 365 days of breaking news and tailored headlines via e-newsletters, and, now, live coverage of news events, policy hearings and more on our website. For you, that means more opportunity to be seen. The most opportunity to set effective frequency.

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Transport Topics
The flagship publication of the freight transportation industry. Known for its breadth, this content leader provides the industry’s best government, business, equipment, technology, and logistics coverage. Available in print and digital.
The definitive news site for freight transportation. Here, stories become interactive. Breaking news, important headlines and live coverage mingle with multimedia presentation.
Our eight mobile-responsive, straight-to-inbox newsletters are the most direct, targeted means of delivering headlines (TTExpress), topical matter (TT Executive Suite) and specialty coverage.
iTECH and E&MU provide a monthly deep dive into technology and equipment issues. The popular Top 100 and Top 50 annual rankings look closely at the major firms in freight transportation. When big issues emerge, our special reports provide all-in-one resource.
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Panels at Major Industry Events
Fleet Executives flock to our lively panel discussions at events, such as ATA MC&E (October), to hear our editors engage live, in-person, with experts about significant issues.


Our diverse platforms reach more than 210,000 freight transportation leaders and interested parties. We inform, engage and educate freight transportation’s executive crowd. Our sponsorship programs allow you to hitch your wagon to the news that the most powerful audience in freight transportation trusts. Through sponsorships, you play a part in helping us give our readers an even more fulfilling experience — help us imagine more, push the coverage envelope, dive deeper into the industry and its issues.

Annual Lists and Rankings
Important surveys and company statistics have become popular stand-alone brands.
Special Reports
Emerging areas, such as natural gas, critical issues, such as hours of service, demand in-depth coverage.
Specialty Live Web Coverage And Digital Events
Our reporters join industry newsmakers for live chats and Q&A sessions on the Web. Formats include live-streaming video, moderated text chats, audio casts, virtual seminars and more.
Discussion Series and Outreach Campaigns
Our subject-driven series use all of the news-gathering resources available — Web, print, live events — to provoke thought and promote ideas. Photo galleries, interactive microsites, landing pages, panels, events, white papers, feature articles, all under one theme.
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Whether you want to start a conversation, highlight your expertise on a particular topic, offer a solution, improve your reputation and strengthen your brand or just share your story with those who’ll listen, you need a channel. Our turn-key content programs allow you to engage with our audience across multiple channels, under our flag and near our content. You supply the material — e-mail messages, articles, seminars, educational material, and we’ll handle the logistics and promotion.

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You produce and curate branded stories, slideshows, info­graphics, and, as long as they meet our standards, we’ll find a home for them on or within specialty newsletters alongside our own editorial content.
Host a 60-minute online discussion focused entirely on your company's product or service. You select the topic, you supply the experts to answer industry questions.

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